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Debra Morris » Welcome to Ms. Debra's Class!

Welcome to Ms. Debra's Class!


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February 2018 Curriculum Calendar

Happy Sunday Parents
Please find attached the February Curriculum Calendar.
Thank you to all the parents who have donated items for our class last Month.  Thank you to all the parents who help with supervision on Snow Day!  Wow, there were so many of you and we were very blessed.
We still need prize box donations.  If you are able to donate, small toys
would be so appreciated.
Mystery Readers are needed for the month of February and March.  Please stop by and sign up.  Thank you in advance.
Please bring in a shoe box to decorate for Valentine's Day.  Bring in the box by February 5th.  Thank you
Thank you
Ms. Debra
Ms. Cathy
Ms. May

K 13 December 11th -15th Newsletter

Happy Holidays 
Reminders:  Ms Cathy's Birthday is Tuesday, December 12th.  Please have your child make a card or draw a picture for her.  We will celebrate her special day!
There will not be a letter this week. We will begin with Letter G in the New Year.
Progress Reports are coming home on Friday, please return them by January 5th.  Parent/ Teacher conferences will be scheduled when we return in January.
Thank you all for your support and for allowing us to work with your child.  They are amazing little people.
Ms. Debra
Ms. Cathy
Ms. May

K13 October 23rd - 27th Newsletter

Hello Parents
Please find attached this week's Newsletter. 
Please remember to put on sunscreen each day and to bring in a labeled water bottle daily.
Thank you to the parents who have donated prizes for the prize box. 
Also please turn in the yellow emergency card that was sent home last week.  If you need another one, please stop by the office to pick up one. 
Thank you for sharing your little ones with us!  They are amazing little people!
Ms Debra, Ms Cathy, and Ms May 

K13 Reminders

Hello Amazing Parents
Here are just a few reminders and classroom needs:
Tomorrow we will be mading apple tarts.  Would you please send in one apple.  We will be tasting and graphing which apple is our favorite. 
Harvest Parade will be on Tuesday, October 31st at 10:30 am   Please join us and watch the parade.  We will have a small Halloween Party.  You are welcome to bring treats to share.  There are 16 children in our class.  Thank You
Thanksgiving Feast will be on Thursday, November 16th 11:30 am. to 12:30 pm.
Children who do not come to school on Thursdays are welcome to join us. More details to follow.    
Classroom Needs:  Coffee Filters and small prizes for the Prize Box.  (Target Dollar area or Dollar Tree toys)
Thank you
Ms Debra, Ms. Cathy, and Ms. May

K13 Newsletter October 16th - 20th

Happy Monday 
Please find this week's newsletter. 
Looking ahead for a few events this month.
Skechers' Friendship Pier to Pier  Walk October 29th  8 am - 11 am
Fall Harvest Parade October 31st @ 10:30 am Please come dressed 
Fall Festival November 11 am - 2 pm
Thank you
Ms. Debra, Ms. Cathy, and Ms. May

K13 Newsletter October 9th - 13th

Greeting Parents
Attached is the Newsletter for October 9th - 13th.
This week's theme is Farm.  On Tuesday, October 10th we will be celebrating Farmer's market with K14.  Our children have such a great time playing and making things to eat or taste.  Your support and donations are greatly appreciated.  If you are able to volunteer, please make sure you have a current TB test filed in the school office.
Theme for the next three weeks are:  Apples, Pumpkins, and Harvest.
Letters of the Week for the next three weeks:  E, H, and T.
Please make sure to subscribe to the Edlio site so that you can receive the Newsletter post each week.
Thank you
Ms. Debra, Ms. Cathy, and Ms.May 

K13 Newsletter September 25th - 29th

Greeting Parents
Please find this week's newsletter attached.
Reminder: Please sign up for PTA and turn in membership form.
Scholastic Book Order went home- This is a great way to purchase books for home and for gifts.
Please find the  parent volunteer sign up list for Farmer's Market in the classroom.
You may email me if you have any questions or concerns.
Thank you for your support.  We are excited about this school year and working with your children.  They are AMAZING!
Ms. Debra

K13 Newsletter Week of September 18th -23rd

Greeting Parents
Please find attached this week's newsletter.
Review concepts taught in class at home.   Ask your child what he/she did during center time.  Students should have about 4 brain tickets.  Please help them to collect the tickets and place them in a baggie or envelope.
Turn in Home Activity Folders on Thursdays or Fridays.  Place the activity sheet in the folder each week..  
Letter of the week will begin the first week of October.
Thank you for your support and for sharing your little ones with us.
Ms Debra, Ms Cathy, and Ms May

K13 Newsletter September 11th - 15th

Greeting Parents
Attached is this week's Newsletter.   K13 children are so very special and we are having a great time making new friends, playing together, and learning new things.
Brain tickets and Super Stars have taken off.  Your child will get a Brain ticket each day if they can recall what they did at a center. Please help them keep track of their tickets. Collect 10 tickets and they get to go to the prize box. They will receive a Super Star if they followed directions and make good choice throughout the day.
Thank you
Ms. Debra, Ms. Cathy, and Ms. May

K13 Newsletter September - Week 1

Hello Parents
Thank you so much for sharing your little ones with us this year!  We are enjoying their little personalities and we look forward to an amazing year learning and growing together.
I will post a Newsletter each week.  Please use it to review concepts taught in  class.
Please label all items that are sent to school.
Turn in Home Activity Folder on Thursdays or Fridays. You will receive one each month.
Bring a backpack to school each day.
Please have extra clothes in your child's backpack.
Check your child's file and their backpack each day.
Media Lab will be on Thursdays at 9:55 to 10:25 am.
Share days Thursday for children who do not attend on Friday.
Share day on Friday for Kai, Lindsay, David, Karina, and Matthew.
Share day next Friday, September 15th Karina, Keyla, Isabella, Andrew, and Lucy.
Thank you everyone for the class supplies.  We are so very blessed by your giving.
If you have any questions or concerns please contact me.